From your competitors

DS Color Innovative Coatings ® has made creativity, innovation and authenticity of its own paints its main focus.

Founded by Daniel Schoels, who has more than thirty years of experience in paint research, our company has the know-how to make your products strong, resistant, original and unique, which will set you apart from your competitors.

Our team of outstanding technicians and designers, our ultra-equipped laboratory and our research and design department allow us to group all the production stages on the same site.

This gives us several advantages, such as our speed of execution or the fact that we avoid costly and time-consuming intermediaries. But above all, it allows us to put our customer at the centre of the creative process.

Through discussion, we establish what their needs, expectations and production requirements are. We are thus able to understand the specificities of each of our clients and offer them the best possible service.



DS Color Innovative Coatings®

Locations and production sites

DS Color Innovative Coatings® has the capacity to develop innovative coating solutions, but also to produce them rapidly in quantities that can meet the short-term needs of industry.

Its position in the heart of Europe allows DS Color Innovative Coatings to deal with problems in all four corners of the continent, while being close to road, rail and airport infrastructures that open the door to transcontinental collaborations.


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