Chrome effect liquid paint

From 2024, the use of chrome will be banned throughout the EU. DS Color Innovative Coatings® anticipates this decision and offers an alternative that can be used in large-scale industrial production.

Cyber signature liquid paint

The ‘Cyber signature’ range of DS Color Innovative Coatings® is an effective solution and process designed to prevent counterfeiting and to protect products subject to counterfeiting.

Coloured laserizable coating

The future of laserizable coatings is now! Haloplast® offers an unlimited choice of colours, shades and tone-on-tone effects. We have developed a solution that also makes transparent effects possible. All in one coat!

3D Holographic paints

Dscolor Innovative Coatings® offers a simplified process for 3D Holographic effects on plastics. This range offers a finish with individual effects with 3D depth effect, feasible in industrial serie in an economical way

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