An alternative for the future

Meeting the multiple needs of multiple sectors. From 2024 onwards, the industry will be confronted with the European Union's ban on chrome. DS Color Innovative Coatings® has developed the most reliable substitute for chrome after more than 15 years of research. Black Chrome® & Ice Chrome® are industrial paint solutions on plastic that reproduce the effect of chrome and have already been endorsed by the luxury and automotive sectors


The concept

DS Color Innovative Coatings® has its own research and development lab, from which solutions are produced on a large scale at our Belgian and German sites. Find out more about our approach.

The announced end of the use of chromium in 2024, which has been sidelined for its toxicity, heralded potential headaches for industrial sectors in which it is particularly used. DS Color Innovative Coatings® has now finalised a range of solutions that make it possible to do without this component, without altering the aesthetic and qualitative rendering of products, objects and goods that are part of our daily lives.

While traditional chrome substitutes for painting on plastic require very long drying times and multiple coats to achieve a finish that is sometimes randomly close to the original, DS Innovative Coatings® has developed a solution that offers an optimal finish in two coats.

The plastic substrate coloured with Black Chrome® or Ice Chrome® takes on a silver tint and within seconds gains its full brilliance. A UV treatment ensures the strength and durability of the treated surface.

Black Chrome® and Ice Chrome® are sprayed in a conventional way, which makes them much less polluting than electronic or vacuum metallization treatments.

Black Chrome® and Ice Chrome® can meet the needs of a wide range of industries from consumer goods to high-end and/or exclusive products. DS Color Innovative Coatings® is already working on the deployment of its liquid chrome paints in the automotive and luxury sectors.


Your project

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