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Historically, laser marking was a story of...dark tones. Grey, black and charcoal were the range of colours that could be achieved using this process. Ds Color Innovative Coatings® has developed laserized paints that allow industrial painting on plastics without limitations in colour or texture.

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The concept

DS Color Innovative Coating® has been mastering and refining the laser paint process for years. DS Color Innovative Coating® has developed a wide range of finishes that will make each product, accessory or component unique.

DS Color Innovative Coating®’s laser coatings do not require any specific investment. They require only a superficial change of the coating, less energy for production and can be applied quickly.

DS Color Innovative Coating® offers several ranges with a wide choice of designs:

  • Metalaser®: metallic effect
  • Metalaser4wood®: colouring wood while preserving its effect and feel
  • Haloplast®: Light effect and transparency

The colored bases of DS Color Innovative Coatings® are protected with PU or UV coatings and meet the specifications of the following sectors, among others

  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics
  • Textile
  • Household appliances
  • IT
  • Etc.
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Our productions

The first innovation brought by Haloplast® is the ability to glaze all colours (yellow, blue, red, green, orange etc.) and not only grey, black, anthracite, the only ones currently available on the world market. The second innovation with Haloplast® is the transparent colour effect, which creates a unique light diffusion effect.

With the classic spray application of a single layer of coloured liquid paint on a transparent substrate, two tone-on-tone shades are obtained after lasering a graphic. A covering shade and a semi-transparent coloured shade will allow the desired light to be diffused and a lighting effect is thus obtained.

The use of Haloplast® does not require any investment by industrial applicators in the various target sectors, who are already equipped with conventional application lines and marking lasers.

With Haloplast®, designers, applicators and decorators will be able to use this new creation tool to generate new businesses in the cosmetics, eyewear, packaging, bottle and automotive industries.

Haloplast® is currently the only process in the world capable of completely decorating a transparent object (bottle, flask, dashboard, etc.) with unlimited ranges of colours and graphics while providing a light diffusion effect.

Metalaser® is a range of coloured paint specially developed for laser engraving.

It is a liquid paint for industrial application by conventional spraying, robotic chain (spindel, spinner, flatbet) on all plastic supports.

It is designed to receive a laser treatment and thus obtain a unique decorative graphic.

Laser engraving already exists but only offers industrialists 3 colours, grey, black and anthracite, which limits the market to the automotive industry (dashboard buttons among others).

We are the only ones on the world market to offer this range of lasered coloured paint and to offer this process.

The innovation lies in the selective laser stripping of certain pigments from the single layer of paint, thus creating a highly decorative visual effect of two shades of “tone on tone” colour.

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