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Winner of the 2020 Global Industry Awards in the 'New Technology' category, DS Color Innovative Coatings®' cyber signature liquid paint is at the forefront of authentication and traceability technologies.

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In the European Union, the trade in counterfeit products accounted for 6.8% of imports in 2016. The direct and collateral consequences of this are huge losses in terms of turnover for the industry, but also the ever-increasing circulation of products that are dangerous for the health and safety of consumers.

To counter this phenomenon, DS Color Innovative Coatings® has developed a cybernetic signature® based on spectrocolorimetry, which can be laserized and cannot be forged.

The application of DS Color Innovative Coatings® cybernetic security paint allows an industrial UV lamp to reveal the authenticity of the treated product. Once exposed to the light, the object lights up as if there was an LED inside.

This process requires only two layers of application. The first is to apply the interactive glow-in-the-dark paint. The second is a protective varnish layer. The Cyber Security Paint can also be developed to incorporate any colour, and therefore match your company’s corporate identity.

Each litre of cyber paint is registered by DS Color Innovative Coatings® to ensure traceability.

DS Color Innovative Coatings® Cyber Security liquid paint is for all manufacturers who want to develop or strengthen their authentication processes. It’s an advanced alternative to holograms and other chemical markers.

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